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1999 Explorer Starting/Fuel Issue

11-19-2012, 01:23 PM
1999 Explorer SOHV engine with 211,000 miles. Last week, I got in the car to start it and it cranked over, but didnt start. It took about 4 times to get it to fire. Drives fine, no bogging, stumbling, etc. Over the last week, it seems the hardest to start in the morning.

I hooked up a fuel pressure gauge the other day and I am getting 47psi at idle, but the pressure drops to 30psi when shut off and within 5 min, the pressure is below 10psi.

The last couple of days, I notice that when I first turn the key, I dont hear that familiar "whirl" of the pump cycling. I sometimes have to turn the key 5-6 times before I hear the whirl and usually the car fires right up. I did replace the relay yesterday and no difference today. Again, drives fine.

It seems that during the day when the temps are up (60-80 degrees here in So Cal) it fires fine.

Thinking its time to replace the fuel pump.


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