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Intalling a entry keypad to 05 Explorer XLS

10-20-2012, 12:58 PM
I've seen alot of posts on AF and other sites wondering about adding an OEM wired keypad to an Explorer. I thought this would be fun to share.

I just happened to pick up an 05 Explorer XLS, with FOBS but no keypad on door. I really wanted a keypad, but I wasn't pleased with the aesthetics of the sick on version (numbers are horizontal instead of vertical, and it sticks out too far.)

So, I did my homework, here's the EZ Instructions if you so choose to do it yourself. Requirements (you need to have RKE keyless fobs)


It cost me $35 for the door bezel w/ keypad & extention 16" harnass, $15 for a used RKE module and plugs with pigtail at salvage yard, and $42 for 6 different colored rolls of 18ga primary wire & heat shrink tube at parts store. Under $100 and about 2 hrs and I have the OEM keypad. Note, even though your factory RKE module has the keyless number (hard programmed), it will not operate unless it's programmed to have a keypad, easy fix was to buy a used RKE module that was from a vehicle equipped with pad.

#1 remove driver's door card & foam door gasket
#2. roll down RF window & pull out rubber window gasket from rear of door
#3. unscrew 4 phillips screws & remove trim bezel. Install new keypad bezel.

#4. unsnap the front of the RR interior quarter trim to access module.
#5. uplug blue wire plug (bottom plug) you need to install 5 extra wires into the plug. I unpinned the oem wires from the salvage yard plug and put them into corresponding spots on the original plug. If you goof up or forget, here's the diagram for the new wires: Blue Plug: lt blu-#6, brwn-#4, lt blu/yel-#2, red-#3, yellow-#9, These colors match up on the oem door harnass also.
#6 with 5 new pigtail wires sticking out of your RKE module, connect them corresponding to your keypad. they are color coded, so pretty easy. If you goof up wiring pinout for keypad plug: lt blu-#2, black-#5 (black wire gets run to a body ground not RKE module), brown-#6, red-#7, lt blu/yel-#1, yellow-#3
#7. run 5 wires from RKE module pigtail to keypad pigtail ( i used 6 and grounded black wire to frame adjacent to RKE module)
#8. install the new module & write down the 5 digit #
#9. close all the doors (with the keys in your pocket) hit 7/8 and 9/0 at the same time to verify doors lock, also verify pad lights up, & code works.
#10. re-assemble all the trim panels you have off.
#11. re-program all of your fobs to the new module by cycling the key 8 times off to on, then pressing unlock on each fob.

Note: I pin tested an 02 Mountaineer, It has DIFFERENT pinouts at the RKE module, so if you're installing on a different year explorer/ mountaineer, try to get used RKE module & plugs & keypad off the same year. Or reference a wiring diagram to see what the change in pinouts are at the RKE.

REMEMBER: Even though your factory RKE module has a keypad #, it Most Likely is NOT programmed to accept a door keypad.

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