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04 2.2 engine doesnt start after clutch replace

10-09-2012, 03:51 PM
ok so i have posted other topics about dropping the tranny and putting it back it

this is for a 2004 cav 2.2 manual car

i did everything and now engine turns over but doesnt start the engine light stays on while engine is cranking

what did i miss? all i can think of is a have extra wire harness from of car its a 2 wire it has a Purple wire and yellow wire i have no idea where that plugs into??? its basicly right in the bunch of wires at the fan

and all i could think of is that one wire i had to put on the stud of of the transmission thats right behind the rad fan motor it has bumps on it to make better connection would that cause anything?

what can i check that would have caused this

and there are no engine codes as engine was running fine before i dropped tranny plus i had disconnected battery

10-09-2012, 04:01 PM
i just tried
if i spray starter fluid in the intake it takes a few turns but starts up for a few seconds then dies

dont tell me thats anti theft?? and if so whats the trick to fix it for a 2004 cav
as the picture of the pad lock and car goes away just not the engine light

and the fuel pump does work i hear it

10-09-2012, 04:30 PM
ok fixed it

it was the crank sensor on a 2004 cav comparing it to the hayes book and the wiring it told me but the book tells you its on the back of the engine but on a 2004 eco tec engine its on the front of the engine above the starter

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