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04 2.2 cav manaul transmission install problems

10-08-2012, 04:13 PM
since i having so much problems getting tranny back in like i was able to get a bottom bolt in and a top bolt but tightening in i couldnt get it to slide in am i going to run risk of damaging the the fingers??

how u get it to slide in with just a 2 ton jack?

ok still stuck i was able to get in like 4-5 bolts in to tighten in and about less then a inch from the two halves from touching i use a screw driver on the fly wheel but the transmission dont turn even if i shift gears whats going on so its not in??? its it damaging something i cant slide it in by myself on just a plain 2 ton jack

so what do i do or whats going on i try turning the drive shafts they move but not stiff like if it were in gear

so is it in or not? em i damaging something?

thing is pissing me off be easier if i had proper things to live a transmssion 2 feet off ground ugh

10-08-2012, 04:27 PM
finally got it in it using 4 jacks to sit this in but it pulled in but if i damaged a finger what happens???

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