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2000 removing/replacing window parts

09-08-2012, 11:55 PM
Greetings, all; and thanks in advance.

I thought I had to replace the driver's window switch on my 2000 Mystique; and I may yet have to do so. I hear activity when I push the switch to raise the window; but the window is very finicky about raising. I was reading in another post where the regulator is suspect from years of wear (and this car is now 13 years old in model years).

So: Can anyone tell me, please, how to replace either the driver's switch and/or the driver's window regulator, and which is the more likely problem? I don't have access to a shop manual (and even on those vehicles for which I had a Haynes or a Chilton, they weren't all that helpful).

Again, thanks in advance.

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