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97 2.2 cant remove harmonic balancer doing timing chain

09-08-2012, 07:27 PM
hi i working on my sisters car i trying to do the Timin chain as the engine quit and the lifters arent moving so that has to be timing chain

now i have gotten the power steering pump off and the tensioner wheel i left alternator on since i dont see u need to remove it? and the big plate still left on as it holds the car up

now i working on draining the oil and i hope the oil pan just drops and pulls away

but the problem i on now is i got the 3 bolts off the harmonic balncer pulled the pullie off

then i put my harmonic balcner puller on and tightend the 3 bolts till they all way screwed in but when i use the puller i cant get this hub off it just damages my center shaft puller shaft
why is it not coming off? something else holding it on? or what can i do to get it off?

i just stripped the shaft of my harmonic balancer puller
what the hell is holding this hub on? like how do i get this damn thing off

09-08-2012, 09:36 PM
Hopefully you removed the center bolt that threads into the crankshaft- then re-installed it a few turns (not tight) so to locate the center point of your cheap puller on...then as it moves out- you can move the center bolt out accordingly...

09-09-2012, 07:37 AM
well i didnt put bolt back in at first cuz my puller has the hat on end thats coned shapped its the power built kit so stripped that and bolts werent long enough to do that with bolt only few turns

my trick i got it work was
i threaded the bolt all the way in without the washer so i wouldnt damage the threads
and i had a grade 8 1/2" bolt fine thread with a nut i made a special flywheel puller for mercy outboard engine

so i put the nut ontop of the harmonic bolt and put the bolt through the puller and tightened it through nut and then put a wrench on that grade 8 nut and then used air gun on the nut and it came off it didnt wanna pop off like normally it would so was glade it came off and didnt wreck this bolt

any reason why they so hard on?

09-09-2012, 09:20 AM
Over time corrosion takes its toll..

09-09-2012, 09:49 AM
ah ok

and i screwed now i cant get the lower engine mount bolt out its rounded off some cuz i couldnt get socket in there properly with air gun so now i cant remove the oil pan ugh

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