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97 Cavalier Clutch Slave Cylinder/Throwout Bearing

08-26-2012, 10:43 PM
I have probably a dumb question but I have never worked on one of these before. I bought a 97 Cavalier with a busted 5 speed tranny so I could put together a cheap school car for my son. I got a used tranny from the salvage yard and a new clutch set. It came with a new slave cylinder/throwout bearing. I noticed when dropping the old tranny the throwout bearing/slave cylinder came apart/to pieces. I notice the new one has a little thin plastic strap on each side of it holding it all together. Here is my question: Do I leave the straps on and install the tranny or do I take them apart and let it expand? It looks like it would easily break free the first time you stepped on the clutch pedal. Like I said I have no experience with a manual transaxle or a throwout bearing set up like this. Any manual tranny I ever had before this had mechanical linkage. Any help getting me up to speed with the 21st century and out of the 60's would be greatly appreciated.

09-10-2012, 01:01 PM
Take em apart, straps are just there for shipping. Reverse bleed the system worked better for me in the past with a oil can pump. Pumping the clutch never got all the air out for me.

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