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Need Advice '93 Metro 3 cyl

08-13-2012, 09:47 PM
My Phoenix is getting long in the tooth - like me !

Next year she will be TWENTY years old.


The driver's side door opener handle gave up the ghost.


The plastic pegs that hold the lever in place all broke at once.

I went to the local Import yard today but all they had were '96's and the door
opener handles looked different than mine.

They want $45 for a "New one" (?) and $8 for used. Guess which one I am going for.

What year Metro door opener handles would work in a '93 ?

Also, my temperature gauge is showing the beast running cool.
Just off of the peg. Coolant level is OK.

Probably a ground problem....(?)

They spray the roads here in Eastern Washington with Ice Melter which is
eating the Phoenix alive !
Rusting out the body.
Making all the electrical connections go screwy....


08-14-2012, 03:54 AM
92-94 metro and swift door handles will fit, they need to be same side but rear 4 door ones will also fit. you sure your thermostat didn't just wear out and stick open? i do have new in the box door handles i can sell for $30 shipped if you decide you want do go with new

08-14-2012, 01:24 PM
New in the Box door handles ?
I am amazed that anyone is still making Metro stuff.
Or are they old leftovers from some warehouse in Waziristan ?

Thanks for the info '92 to '94....I will visit the Pull-n-Save if this heat
doesn't kill me.

Will loosen and tighten the Temp Sender unit and same with it's
grounding wire - maybe just bad connections (?)

One day the Temp Needle is low, next day high, kind of a throw of the dice.


08-14-2012, 02:27 PM
yes, they are new in the box, not left over stuff. i prefer using new ones since the used ones will be brittle and break sooner or later. when you go to put them on its a bit of a pain, i found the best way to do it is to gently pop the lock part out of the handle, clip the rod onto the release handle, then the lock rod onto knob the pop it back into place in the handle otherwise its a bit of a fight trying to get the rods clipped into place. the sensor is just a resistor so i would suspect loose connection, bad ground or still a failing thermostat. also after rods are in place make sure you get handle into all 3 slots before you put lower screw in

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