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2002 cavalier

07-27-2012, 04:48 PM
so i have a 2002 cavalier, Let me apologize now for my question being dragged out. I used to have a problem w/ the fuel pump. i found out that it was a bad wire going from the relay to the pump harness near the tank, so i took care of that . for a long time, everything was fine. Then the wire that i ran along the bottom of the car got cut by a piece of ice or something. I repaired it on the side of the road, and did a better job patching it up when i got home. i took it on my newspaper route the next night, everything was fine for over 100 miles, then it quit on me again. The wire that i've been talking about isn't broken anywhere.somehow with a test light, i have no power at the relay slot for the fuel pump. however, the car starts, and stalls, over and over. PLEASE help me, i'd like to sell this car because i need a van for my 3rd child will be here shortly. i can't afford to get the van w/o selling this. i can't just scrap it, the car was absolutely perfect before this happened, thank you

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