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Car Sputters/Misses/Bogs at Higher RPMs

07-15-2012, 10:48 PM
I have a 1988 Chevrolet Sprint - Non-Turbo/Carbureted

The problem I am having is that the car Sputters/Misses/Bogs or however you want to describe it
It feels like it misses when i start to get to a higher RPM (cant say how high because the vehicle has no tachometer)

I was having a similar problem in the winter while driving up the mountain
But we resolved the problem (or delayed it) by cleaning the points on the distributor cap

My immediate reaction was to Replace the distributor cap and rotor
Also replaced the spark plugs and wires but the problem still persists
We also cleaned the fuel filter

When decreasing the timing by adjusting the distributor the problem seemed to occur quicker

Our suspect parts are distributor and fuel pump
But are also wondering about any vacuum pods that could be causing the problem

Anyone have any ideas why this could be occurring?

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