Road Rally: Rally North America's Rocky Mountain Rally 20-22 August 2012

07-09-2012, 08:22 PM
Hello everyone,

I am the owner of Rally North America, and we host multi-state charity road rallies all over the United States and Canada. We have been operating now for three years and have raised over $75,000 that has gone directly charity.

This year we branched out to run two rallies, Rally Dixie 2012 and Rocky Mountain Rally 2012.

The best thing about Rally North America is we don't charge a huge entry fee. The cost for this event is $175.00 with a mandatory $25 donation to our charity the Acclerated Cure Project for MS. (

We have 40 slots, and we have about 10 remaining, so if your interested please follow the link below to sign up.

The plan of events is:

August 19th Pre- Rally Party and registration in Colorado Springs, CO at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Registration will begin at 3PM and end at 6PM. There is a pool and a bar on site.

Pre-Rally driver's meeting is @ 7PM have at least one member of your team present at this meeting.

We will be staying in Colorado Springs the night before.

August 20th Starting Line: Pike's ( Peak International Raceway in Fountain, CO at 8AM. Media will be there to cover the rally. Teams will do a paced lap of the raceway before departing at 9AM. We will have local law enforcement helping direct traffic and block off streets for our exit.

Finish Line: Glenwood Springs, CO.

August 21st Starting Line: Ramada Hotel in Glenwood Springs, CO

Lineup is at 7:30AM, departure is 8AM (this is a long day)

Finish Line: Salina, UT

August 22nd Starting Line: Downtown Main Street Salina, UT

Lineup 8AM, departure 9AM.

To sign up for the event please follow this link: (

Also the overall cost for the event will be under $500.00. The hotel costs are $251.00.

We will be staying at nice hotels and ending in Las Vegas... at the Main Street Station Hotel/Brewery.

How the event works.

Basically we show up at the hotel the night before the rally, and have a party.. and a drivers meeting. We get up the next morning and head to the start line. We hand you a route card with clues on places that your team must navigate to, and take your picture with the item on the card and move on. The team with the best time closest to our time, wins that day. Note. THIS IS NOT A RACE... we are on the road with other cars. Also there are awards for Spirit of the Rally, Long Distance, Hard Luck and Best Costume. There is a little more to the rally but with out giving away too much info, that is the basics.

If you have any questions please email me at ( or reply to this thread. We are on Facebook: RallyNorthAmerica and we are on the web @ (

Event info!/events/211224615634817/ (!/events/211224615634817/)


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