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ALC auto level control pump rear air shocks

06-23-2012, 10:01 PM
2000 Lesabre
Thought I would post something about my problem with my Rear air shocks not pumping up. Shocks were making noise - clicking noise - replaced the upper mounts - did not fix problem - replaced both shocks - after replacement I found that the shocks were not pumping up. I lifted up the rear left lower control arm to make the system think that the rear of the car was loaded. Pump turned on for about 30 sec but shocks did not pump up. I removed the ALC pump - above the muffler - found that there are hoses attached to the pump and to the vehicle frame rail - hoses were dry rotted and not attached - the problem turned out to be where one of the hoses attached to a port was jammed packed with corrosion - used a small drill to open the port - put new 1/4 hose to the Tee then to rail. turns out that the pump was not able to pull air in so that it could pump it out - when i put the key to on the pump turns on for 3-5 seconds - i saw the upper part of the shock immediately move up - problem fixed - the metal cover was rusted - had to use grinder to cut screws off then redrilled holes so that I could re-attach the heat shield - need a heat shield because the muffler is just under the pump asm - also cleaned the ground screw to the pump housing - greased the entire area - put silicone over all electircal wires going into the pump - greased all attachment screws - works great saved probably 400 dollars. Last thing no need for an alignment when changing rear shocks, I saw this on another post, the shocks have no bearing on the geometry of movement.

06-24-2012, 12:12 AM
Good post and thanks. Shocks and struts are too different animals. Struts require alignment after replacement.

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