maintenance tracking software?

Stale Trooper
06-07-2012, 06:49 AM
I'm looking for a free Auto Maintenance software program which will keep track of my mileage (through fuel stops), and project when I need to do routine maintenace on my cars & trucks.
I found one that does this for $34.95 (Auto Maintenance Pro), and does do what I am after; but it seems too cumbersome, and seems to be more for a major shop application like big trucking companies, or construction companies. I don't mind the price, but like I said, I don't need a lot of what it throws in the pot.
I'm wanting a program that will tell me when my next oil change is due, when to do those XX,000 mile check up & inspections, and stuff like that.
I want a program that is free to use long enough to decide if I like it. (IMHO 30 days is too short).
Has/Is anyone using something like this?

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