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Driving into the ground..

04-12-2012, 10:47 AM
Hey guys. :)

Ya'll've helped me, many years ago, working on my girlfriend's little POS Cavalier - changing radiator, hoses, overflow tank, and so on.

Well, even back then I told her she needed to get the fluid in her tranny flushed, and, well, she never did. :uhoh:

So, of course, 50k miles later.. or more.. it's causing problems. According to her it's "shifting hard". She has NOW decided to take it to a tranny shop, and they told her that they wouldn't do a flush, because it could actually cause more trouble. (Which, I have heard before..).. and that doing the flush would be throwing money away, so they recommended driving it until it moves mo more.

They *DID* tell her, however, that disconnecting the "blue plug" from the front of the transmission would make the problem "go away". I have not heard of this before..

So my question to everyone is two-fold:
First: Would disconnecting the 'blue plug' (TCC solenoid, as far as researching shows?) actually help here? The car is *not* stalling.
Second: She is with the car up in Maryland (~680 miles..). She has to get the car back down to Georgia. Think the car will make it? :iceslolan

It's a '96 Cavalier, 2.2L, been through hell and back. (She drives horribly.) Auto tranny, and I've had to do a lot of work to it, including putting on a new alternator less than three months ago. D'oh.

Cheers all -

Tech II
04-13-2012, 09:44 AM
Not sure of this particular year, but I think it's a 4speed, electronic shift tranny,,,,,if you disconnect the plug, you take away power from the shift solenoids....

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