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Did I fry my ECU !!?? Help please.

03-18-2012, 12:25 PM
3.0i auto;
This morning I was trying ton confioirm Peak code 7b (Thermostat map control) which as I understand, is related too the heating element of the main Thermostat (2 prong connector on top, just behind the top of the fan blade).

To check that I was getting power to the plug/heater element, I connected my volt meter to the 2 prongs in the plug/harness side and turned the key on while watching. The meter bleeped a bit but nothing, so I dicided to start the engine and see if that would bring the power up. No start.

It turns over but wouldn't start. Replugged the connetor - same. Checked all related fuses - OK. Disconnected the battery for an hour - same.

Any help on something like this??


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