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replacing front struts 2004 Taurus

03-11-2012, 10:48 AM
Hi all, replacing front struts on a 2004 taurus. have the original out but not enough clearance to get the new one in. seems i will have to use spring compressors to get enough clearance but room is an issue and worried about getting the compressors back off if and when i get the ball joint post back into the lower control arm.
Anyone have any similar issues and what they did to solve?

03-11-2012, 06:31 PM
Late this afternoon i did get one side finished.
I did have to use spring compressors to compress the spring before placing the strut in the vehicle. Positioning of the compressors was critical and had to reposition once. I also removed both parts of the wheel well cowlings, much easier to remove then fight with and allowed for better visibility. I put the steering knuckle in place first, ball joint post into lower control arm, tie rod end hooked up, spindle through and spindle nut on but loose.
Then worked the steering knuckle under the strut and got it to drop in. Once the pinch bolt was in place I used a floor jack under the lower control arm and jacked up until the tension on the spring compressors allowed me to work them off the spring. I did have to use a vise grip on the non nut side of the spring compressor bolt to get them loose. Once again positioning of the spring compressors is critical, too high up on the coils can result in the upper compressor bracket getting pinched between the coils.

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