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Rescue Build - Honda NCR500

03-01-2012, 12:21 AM
Hey everyone, I've been looking for a good motorcycle building forum with talented builders and this seems to be the place. The hobby is addictive and frustrating at the same time... but we all know it.

I'm just getting into it and learning some intermediate skills. Haven't tried any manufacturing skills, just working on clean assembly and painting / finishing.

Just wanted to show my latest build where i attempted to rescue a half-built bike i got from flebay by mistake. It was half built, unpainted and some parts broken off. So i tore it down and rebuilt it.

Clear side fairings were so crooked and so misaligned that i had to epoxy them together... And of course on the final assembly there was no way they could even fit on the bike... So I chopped it down (Arghh) and made 3/4 fairing... at least the pipes are exposed. And while masking for chopdown, the decals came of not enough clear i guess.

Reviews / Suggestions for further rescue are welcome. Thank you.


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