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03 Sonata 2.4 AT 161K miles A bad idle

02-22-2012, 07:15 AM
When came into shop.
Battery dead but charged up.

But Miss bad under load.
Replaced plugs and long wire and miss gone.

No codes or check engine light but TPS sensor not reading out right on computer scanner.

Replace TPS sensor and readout good.

But stired up bad idle.

Good on cold start but starts acting up at aroud 120 degrees on warm up.

Idles good at 1500 rpm for 12-15 sconds and then engne shuts off for 1-2 seconds and idle drops to 500 and then back up to 1500 rpm for another 1-15 seconds and then engine shuts off for second.
In or out of gear.
Run egr valve test and all is good.
No codes but scanner is so slow it does not show drop out reading.

Thanks for any help or ideas.

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