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Electrical Prob?? Dash lights stay on? car wont shut off?

tak irken
01-26-2012, 11:49 PM
This problem just started yesterday. 2002 chevy cav. I went to turn on my car and the dashboard lights all flickered only for a sec and then everything was normal. Then I when I went to turn it off the Anti Theif light came on and STAYED on. It wasnt flashing just on. So I put the key back in back in and started it up to try to get the light to go off and then the check engine light came on and stayed on too but only when car was on. Only THAT time when I tried to turn the car off did the (what sounded like) steering wheel make a clicking noise and the light all flashed again. The check engine light went off when the car is off but the Thieft light always stays on.

Now today my car battery is dead. I figured. Only when I came out to the car I found the air bag light on! Here's whats REALLY odd, when I tried to turn the headlights on (they didnt come on of course) the air bag light went off. Huh? So I got a jump and the anti theift light came on and so did the check engine light. It still makes a weird clicking almost grinding but more clicky nosie when I shut her off.

Then tonight I go to try to turn it on and off trying to get the lights on dashboard go off and NOW all of a sudden the car wont shut off. Just kept running and I had the key in my hand. It took more than a few tries of putting the key in and really jiggling it to ge the car to stop running. After that I have 3 lights on and the car is off. This was the first time I had more than the Theift light on while car if off.

Side note.
Last year I had a problem with my electrical system shorting out my computer. They said the short was in the A/C. It was fixed fine but... I think someone forced the key to start my car. I THINK... because, Ive always had a weird car. Hard to start. What I mean by that is people other than myself typically have a hard time turning the key in the ignition. Like its jammed. I seemed to have the magic touch. After it came back from the shop it seemed much easier to turn the key. I donno if thats realted or not.

I am a poor girl and I would like replies from people who know what they are talking about as I can only afford to try to fix it once. Thanks so much to everyone.

01-27-2012, 11:49 AM
Tak, those are some weird problems, sound like the ignition switch is bad for one thing. Maybe someone with a little more knowledge about the ant-theft system will give you some suggestions about that. Have you had the codes read? Best of luck to you.

01-27-2012, 07:16 PM
I agree about the ignition switch. and Maybe the Key Tumbler. but ignition switch first.

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