09-23-2011, 07:38 AM
This car is in very good shape minus a banged up hood and left front fender. This is an 88 with 1.1L engine and 4speed transmission. 58,800 ( I drive it daily so it will not be EXACT when you view it) Original Miles. Car has dealer installed air conditioning that still works. Transmission shifts good, clutch feels strong. Engine runs good but does needs some vacuum line and/or carburetor attention. Takes a little cranking to get it fired up but once it starts it sits and idles immediately but the idle is pretty rough. There are several disconnected and/or missing vacuum lines. However above idle it runs really smooth and will run out the highway with out any issues. ( I do have the vacuum diagrams and will be slowly trying to reconnect everything) Aside from the idle and missing vacuum hoses it has its fair share of typical Yugo issues. such as passenger front seat belt doesn't retract, Fuel guage doesn't work, window cranks broke. However parts are still very easy to get ahold of in the parts stores, and on-line, has basically EVERYTHING to build one from scratch
This thing has next to zero rust. The under body is in GREAT shape and it has no rust through anywhere on the body. I drive this car daily and there are no major problems with this car, yes it will run at highway speeds. I have held 80mph on the interstate, and on a windless day you may even be able to go faster if you feel safe doing so in such a little car.

This car is located a couple miles west of Fultonham OH. But I do work in Lancaster, OH so it can be viewed there as well, which ever location works best for you
ASKING $800.00 OBO or trade
Trades are welcome but lets be real, I don't want a computer or a TV. NO BOATS either I'd be interested in other vehicles, street legal dirt bikes ( not crotch rockets or street bikes) and possibly ATVs. Basically if it doesn't have a motor and wheels on it, I have no interest.
More photos can be seen here

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