2005 kawisaki brute force 650

05-31-2011, 04:08 PM
I am working on my step dads kawisaki brute force 650 it will turn over and over and over for a long time and will eventually start but not very well. when it gets warm it starts easier if you shut it off but it still wont start worth a dang. this is what i have already done

checked the spark=good
checked the compression= good
put new plugs in
tried the pull rope
took the air filter off
put starter fluid down the air box and tried the spark plug holes too
choked it
didnt choke it
i have tried about everything i can think to try
Also when i pulled the plugs everytime they were never wet so im pretty sure its not getting gas but what could cause this???
any ideas to try or ways to fix this would be great thanks

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