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Infiniti G35 Sedan - Interior Water Leak - Front Right Side

04-18-2011, 05:49 PM

Just wondering if any Infiniti gurus out there would know why on a 2006 G35, the main wiring harness grommet that enters the cabin in the right side upper cowl area would start to leak. Actually, I think I know why. There is a plastic sealing/retaining ring that the grommet rubber slips over then the grommet/plastic ring assy is snapped in the hole in the upper cowl forming a water tight seal.

My question is how can the plastic sealing/retaining ring get broken? There are 3 tabs on the sealing/retaining ring and one tab was broken. This prevented a watertight seal, which allowed water to seep in under the grommet, down the main wiring harness, onto the connectors for the ECU and ABS modules. The car does not run now and the connectors have serious green corrision.

How can a simple plastic tab cause such a problem? and what would cause the tab to break?

I know I'm asking the impossible. But just thought I throw it out there in case someone has seen this problem before.

Thanks in advance.

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