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300zx coolant leak and stalls

03-26-2011, 05:29 AM
To give to whole story is that I checked my coolant last weekend and saw it was low. Got a bottle and filled it up, drove from Pa to MD but on the way got stuck at a toll. As I was sitting there for 10 mins I saw my temp spike and smoke next to my door with a sweet smell. I make it to the next stop (10 miles) and with my heat blasting and more coolant I make it home and my temp was holding normal the whole time I was driving. So I get my car towed to a shop witch they look and guess my water pump my be bad ( this is not 100% the problem but most likely) so from what I can tell I have a tube that drips coolant that runs down to where it looks like my water pump is. Today I went to take it to my friends to park it so we can work on it Monday and it started up fine drove about a block as soon as the light went green hit the gas to have it stall out. Couldn't get it start for about 10 mins get it back to my lot and let it idle all seemed fine again. Go to put it in gear and stalls again. Now my RPMs at the time was 1000. ( before any problems my car's RPMs 1000 when first started than seem to drop low to around 400-300 witch to me doesn't seem right but it works fine) so my question is what could be making it stall out all of a sudden? It worked fine without coolant from MD back to PA. I'm starting to think the guy I took it to look at it did something. He was rude on the phone and wanted 700+ just to do the water pump. I know he over priced my by about 200.

1993 300zx 2+2 with coolant leak by water pump no mix with oil. Thanks for any help hope I gave good info and will tel more if needed.

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