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Reading airbag fault codes

03-20-2011, 11:49 PM
Has anyone tried reading airbag fault codes. I have a 2000 Metro (1.3L) and lately I have been seeing the airbag indicator occasionally light while driving especially during a turn. On one occasion it stayed on during the whole journey. It does happen infrequently but the logical thing would be to try reading the airbag computer.

According to the service manual the airbag serial comms line comes out on pin 9 of the OBD2 connector. The regular line from the engine computer comes out on pin7. It is not obvious from the manual if the fault info from the airbag computer conforms to OBD2 although looking at the code format such as Bxxxx it could be concluded that it does.

I'm not sure how shops servicing the airbag system read the computer. I was thinking about using an OBD2 plug and socket and crossing pin 9 to pin 7 so that the scan tool will see it on a pin it was expecting.

I was curious if anyone on here has worked with the airbag computer and system. The service manual has a good set of procedures on troubleshooting and fixing but reading the fault codes is not clear.

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