Old Pink Slip New Owner, IDK what to do! help please!

12-17-2010, 02:01 AM
OK, so basically here is the deal...

i just bought a car from a guy for $1500

the pink slip isn't in his name, cause he never registered it to himself...

i have the pink slip for the car, SIGNED by the owner before him.

it is a title from Tennessee, i live in CA, the car has no license plates.

and idk what to do...

on the pink slip it says

"signature and address of seller"... he signed it and filled that out...
"sellers name" also filled out...
"sale price" $9,000
"signature of buyer", also signed, and that buyers name written below.

all in all idk what to do, and i don't really know exactly what im asking...

will i have to pay the tax on that $9000?
will i have to get it ref checked?

im sure i have to smog it and pay registration fee's

but where do i start?!?!

AHHH!!! so confusing!

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