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2001 Sonata - computer sensor is not reading power train

12-07-2010, 08:23 AM

My 2001 Hyundai Sonata V-6, 85K, automatic, which actually runs very smooth and gets a solid 20+mpg and is a fine car, is having computer check problems. (NY inspections are always a bit tuff on Hyundai computers.)

First (the check engine light had been on) the computer (mechanic uses BluePoint VA-3160) showed the two oxygen sensors of Bank 1 to be replaced, and that was done. Those were almost surely the original sensors replaced. (A bit over $200 in parts and a story in itself getting the right parts from the Hyundai dealers.)

Now the puter is having trouble getting a reading ... "No Power Train OK". We are trying a second reset, followed by driving it around 100 miles highway and city. (It was driven 150 miles after the first reset)

This is the same puter that originally read the O2 sensor problems, and gave very specific sensor instructions. I have a good mechanic and I do read the machine over his shoulders and he does not make it bureaucratic. (My last major Hyundai problem was an idle sensor that the same mechanic fixed very nicely a couple of years back.)

If the second reset does not work .. if it still does not read .. any ideas ? .. Do I change puters, readers, run the car on high-test, let Hyundai do it (ugh) or something else ? Can there be a loose connection ? Do you just try a couple more resets ? I tend to doubt the problem is in the puter hooked up because it worked fine in the original reading, doing the reset, and directing the O2 sensors to be fixed (one gave no reading, one gave an errant reading).

We have a problem in NY with only 10 days to fix an inspection so I have to resolve it in the next few days or keep the car incognito. NY does not care that the car runs fine and is likely rather good on emissions, they just want to read the puter.

Thanks for assistance.

Steven Avery
Queens, NY

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