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No spark, Out of Ideas

11-02-2010, 10:16 PM
Here's the deal. Bought a 1987 scirocco 16v a couple weeks ago. I Know why buy a car that didn't start. Well I had an 85 8v in Germany and thinking back I got reminicent.:screwy: Well I have a no spark issue. I bought the Bentley's manual and started troubleshooting. The first thing I saw was the Knocks sensor was burnt from the inside out. The shielding was cracked and falling out so I replaced it. Then I thought maybe it was the ignition module so replaced that. Then the knocks sensor control unit replaced that. I have done a continuity check on the wire harness and everything checked out. I have replaced the distributer because it had oil in it. Everything in the Bentley's checks out and still no spark. the only thing I have not changed is the cis-e brain box. I hate to keep throwing parts at this without getting more help. Please help me if you have any ideas

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