Skoda Fabia

10-27-2010, 11:45 PM
This is in regard to my Skoda Fabia car.The car Engine No is CEV003620 AND Chassis NO is TMBBHG5J19GO10598.

Stated Below i have highlited my bitter experience with Skoda Service Centre.

My mother Mrs.Jyoti Agarwal is the owner for a Black Skoda Fabia bearing registration number TN 09 BB 0986.This car was purchased last year 2009 september.

However my car met with an Accident on 4th September where the underchassis was damaged and due to the same there are all kinds of weird sounds in running condition.

I called the emergency breakdown service on the same day ,however he arrived only after 3 good hours ,after closely examining the car ,the service man advised me to take it to the vadapalani body shop for repairs.
On the 6th of septemeber i take my car to the workshop and fortunately the guy from the insurace company happens to be there at the same time (Icici insurance-My car is insured with them).The service personnel tell me the good news that he will have the insurance guy to have a look at the car.
The fun part comes here ,The accountant in charge of the body workshop assuming that i dont understand tamil(I Think he took me for some foreign return-My colored hair and skin) and he advised the service personnel Mr.Prem Kumar to tell me to come another time and also that the car will not be checked by the surveyor without even checking with the insurance guy if he hold the time to check the same.Once they realised that i understood what they had said in tamil they then went on to double check with me if i understood ,still these guys no bit of respect for their customers.

I had to wait a good 9 days from 6thseptember to get a call that my car has been surveyed and that the claim for the damages have been approved and that i need to make an interim payment of Rs 20-30 k so that gurudev motors can place an order for the spare parts with the factory at Aurangabad.

I made a payment of RS 24 K on the 17th Of September at the Anna Salai Branch of Gurudev Motors,The person who serviced me at the time of purchase Miss.Priya helped me out with the same and assured me that Gurudev Motors Vadapalani will be intimated about the interim payment,however i have also personally informed Mr.Prem Kumar(The Service Personnel) on the same.

He assured me the car will be ready by the last week of Septemeber.
However i called in by 27th September to check on the status of my car,to my horror i was informed that no work has been started on my car and also the service personnel Mr.Prem has resigned.
I was very annoyed and i called in Miss.Priya and informed her of the same.She informed me that i will recieve an intimation from the Vadapalani branch shortly on the car.
One Mr.Murali(Another service Advisor) called in and assured me that my car will be ready in 10 days time and that he is taking car of Mr.Prem Kumar's cases as Mr.Prem had resigned from the job.

Ten days later i called Gurudev Motors Vadapalani to check if my car is ready howver this time the same Mr.Murali informs me that my car will take another 10 days to get ready as they have not recieved the consignment of spare parts and also gives me the excuse that gurudev Motors ,Vadapalani has appointed a new receptionist/Secretary and that the request letter or mail for spare pats have not been sent out as yet.

I was too damn irritated by the false promises of these service guys and i called in Gurudev Motors Anna Salai to speak to the Director to inorm him on the same.

Mr.Paras called me and listened to all my issues and gave me an assurance that i will recieve a call from Guruev Motors Vadapalani and that work will be completed on my car at the earliest.

However Mr.Murali calls in and informs me that work will start shortly on the car and that by this Thursday(i.e October 7th)i will recieve a call from him to inform me on the status and delievery of the car.Today is 9th October i have recieved no call or any intimation from Gurudev Motors..My call for help or appeal falls on deaf years.

It only looks like skoda is intrested in selling cars but not servicing the requirements/needs of their customers.
If i book a skoda fabia today i will have its delievery in a week or less than that howver spare parts take months or years this theory is shocking.

On as of Today , I am still waiting. For a reply from Skoda India on my car,
I Called Gurudev motors on three occasions today to know on the status of my car and all three times they have taken my mobile number but nobody has called,this is the customer service I have been provided so far,nobody is taking any responsibility or care whatsoever ..,.,,

When i went to meet Mr.Paras The managing Director of Gurudev Motors ,He himself is not able to give a committment on when they have can deliever my Skoda Car and they continue to make excuses in spite of paying them Rs 24000 advance for repairs. and having waited already for 42 days.

I request you to kindly look into this matter seriously and take action on the same.
Vishal Kumar Agarwal
Creative Director
91 98847 64006 .

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