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extremly high idle

10-23-2010, 07:51 PM
So I had this issue with my idling at 1300 rpms but every now and then it would idle at 400 and barley run then one day it didnt want to idle at all so I checked the iac and it was bad so I changed my oil, fuel filter, iac, cleaned my throttle body, fixed a vacuum hose, and cleaned my air filter
When I started it it idle at 2200 I drove it a little and it dropped down to 1300 the next day I started it and it idled at 800 and staid there for four days now it idles at 2000 then will drop down and surge between 1300 and 1800
I read that the oil you apply to the filter can contaminate the Maf and you should clean it but a lot of people said the one on a vr4 can't be cleaned while others say it fine
Do you think that's my problem?
Is there a way to check the maf?

10-24-2010, 11:44 AM
So after more research I think I leaning more towards the tps I saw how to check it but my multimeter is at work so can't do it til tommorow how ever there is no change if you unplug it which kinda says it either isn't working or nor getting power right

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