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Problems after changing IAC

10-01-2010, 06:42 PM
Okay, first I would turn my car to the battery and I heard a noise from my engine that I dont think i heard before. It was coming directly from my IAC (idle air controller) and so I went to the junkyard and I managed to find a brand new one looks like it was bought from 3sx given the 3sx stikers all over the car and the brand on the IAC. (I just want to say that im pretty sure i read in my manual that when you have the car turned onto the battery that the IAC is actually supposed to make that noise... pretty sure...) So, I take everything apart that I need to in order to change the part. I put it on correctly.. and I didnt lose the O ring inside of it and i know I have put everything back correctly because ive done this about 5 times now. I have even tried putting the old one back in and my car still isnt working. The problems I am having is my car doesnt want to start.. almost a popping noise coming out of my exhaust... sometimes no turn over at all, but if it does happen to start it will sit there and idle at 2000 and jump right down to 1000 and die.. wont stay running.. i mean when that needle jumps it jumps. Also when its running it will pop out of 4th gear on its own.. no grinding noise. Im not sure if its a cable getting stuck bc i dont have my cd player in and there are some wires hangin.. i pulled them all back tho..

But.. I have figured out this..kinda have it narrowed down (i hope)
I checked my fuses and on my interior fuse box my number 4 fuse was blown. When it was blown my car would actually start and run but have a bad hesitation.. in my book the number 4 fuse is a 10 fuse and it controlls audio,motor antenna control unit, auto-cruise control unit, and ETACS unit.

And honestly.. I dont have my cruise control in, I dont have a cd player hooked up. so i cant try the antenna, last time i checked it worked and the ETACS unit it important i know that but im not sure where that is.

Idunno if this matters but does it matter how tight you install the IAC? If anyone could please help me i will give as much detail as possibe but i tried to be rather specific..

i dunno what to do.. but the car does run without the fuse in the 4 slot. :banghead:

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