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92 metro-to buy or not to buy

09-14-2010, 02:42 PM
Hi everyone,
I need some advise. I'm thinking about buying a 92 metro for $300. Convertable, 3 cyl. and body is in good shape. Will need a new top and will need the main seal replaced. The owner said dumps oil but doesn't smoke. Thing about it is, it has no spark/fire. Compression is good. My guy thinks it needs a new ignition module. We're talking approx. $350 for that alone. The car looks to be in pretty good shape. Just a little rust on one rear panel but looks pretty rust free underneath and interior looks o.k. I know this is not much to go on but was hoping someone with some experience with these could help me out. I'm not against putting some $ into it but don't want a $ pit either. Oh yea, did just pass state inspection march 2010. Thanks in advance for any knowledge.

09-14-2010, 04:48 PM
How much will a new top cost ? !

Don't buy any parts new - try to get them from a local Wrecking Yard or get
them yourself from a "Pull-n-Save", if you can.

Main seal - think that will be expensive, but others here will know more than me.

Once running, you can expect about 45 to 50 miles per gallon.

Insurance is cheap if you just carry Liability and don't cover the Metro.
They'd 'total' it and give you $300 !

For God's Sake, buy maximum "PIP" on your insurance !

Covers Dr's & Hospital bills until you can get money from the person who caused the accident.

My wife's accident was $10,000 which was the first 2 days Dr's and Emergency Room bills.

Then they wanted money NOW...$10,000 PIP is a cruel joke.

Now I have $35,000 PIP (Max allowed by Farmers) for just a few bucks more.

Just FYI....


09-14-2010, 05:00 PM
Thanks for your info Dr. I have no idea how much a new top will cost. That's the thing. If I can get it running good for not alot of $ then its all good and the $ saved in gas would definately be worth it. I don't care if it doesn't "fly" down the road. I would just really like to get it going and it's really a decent looking car. Oh yea, I forgot to say it's an automatic and has 135k on it. Thanks for the insurance info. no worries here, liability only. :)

09-14-2010, 05:13 PM
Another question; are there any interchangeable parts? Like, will another year suzuki or chevy fit some parts for the 92 metro? Can you tell I'm lost????

09-15-2010, 06:28 AM
An automatic with 135K miles most likely is due for a rebuild. Automatics spin much faster than manuals, like 35%. Max mileage is more like 40 mpg, not 50.

The only thing that really matters, if you're willing to spend money fixing other things, is the frame rot that is very common on Metro/Swift cars. The "horns" that stick out from the firewall/floor junction where the front lower control arms mount rust away and condemn the car. It sometimes can be fixed, but never cheaply.

Metros and Swifts were pretty much the same car from 89-94, many many parts interchange. Some parts stayed the same on the newer cars from 95-01 too.

09-15-2010, 11:53 AM
ANY car you buy, used or new, is going to suck the money out of your Bank
Account like there is no tomorrow.

If you commit to a used car, expect to put 2x more than you paid for it to get
all the problems fixed so that you can DEPEND ON IT.

If you buy a new car, expect the value to plummet and to have expensive problems
within a year or two.

Besides your house and kids, automobiles suck money like a perfect vacuum.

It is nice to go where you want - when you want - but it is very expensive.


91 ragtop
09-21-2010, 08:42 PM
I have all kinds of parts for the 92 ignition. If you can find out what you need I can probably come up with some used parts. Ken....

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