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Panoz AIV (92 w SS frame) - upgrades

08-23-2010, 08:42 PM
I am certainly glad to be one of the newest AIV owners on the bloc... Glad to see a forum dedicated to Panoz AIV, and I am looking for some good feedback and lessons from some fellows...

So I just bought the 92 NB213006, and the first thing I recognize is the absolute joy of a ride this car is on two-lane roads..... Being one of Dan's first AIVs, it's base frame is the stainless steel tubing rather than the aluminum; I am certain that may have some merit in any answers from this forum.

O.k. so here's what I'd like to know from the group;

1. Brakes - this is a two part question... (a) has anyone modified the brakes on any of the Stainless Steel frame AIVs? (b) if so, what did you do?

2. Rearend - does anyone know what rear end Dan used in this car. Panoz's shop manager told my mechanic it may have been a Ford Intercepter, but he was going to see if he could find any records on this first one...

3. Exhaust - the exhaust on this car is a very rudimentary 2" steel pipe exhaust with a pair of cats tied together in an H configuration... This is a bit smallish for the GT 302, so I am inclined to ask if anyone has modified the exhaust, or if any one could lend some advise...

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