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Air tools for maintenance and use of key points

08-04-2010, 02:06 AM
Confucius said: "Bad times, we must first sharpen his tools."Each of these tools, no matter how good, should be properly maintained in order to maximize its effectiveness, or will reduce their life expectancy,the air tools are.
First let's talk about what is air tools.Air tools is the use of air compressor to provide compressed air power source of energy
for the working of the device. Mainly used in tightening assembly, automotive, electronics, home appliances, auto parts production,
equipment maintenance, aviation and aerospace applications are its major industries.Precision, reliability, durability is a function of pneumatic tools measure.
Maintenance and use of Air tools have the following five points:
1. Supply system
Air tools' air intake system must contain sufficient oil to the pneumatic motor tools adequate lubrication.And water intake must be free, if the compression tools without air drying machine is wrong.
2.If a slight fault or Air tools to use can not achieve the original function, to immediately check, or no longer used.
3. Not disassemble parts and pneumatic tools, use, or will lead to tool damage, more serious would endanger the safety of the operator.
4. Should be inspected regularly. Period of about a week, add the butter in the bearings and other moving parts, add the oil in the air motor parts.
5. Operational Air tools, be sure to see the instruction manual, to operate strictly according to instructions.
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