built RB25det E-manage Ultimate Tuning... need a little help

07-31-2010, 11:25 AM
I have a series 1 Rb25det from a 93 R33 GTs-T in my 93 240SX coupe. great swap car ran good wit hstock motor. now i have been building it for competition. When it comes to tuning its my grey area. A buddy of mine is pretty good at is but between the 2 ofus we are still a little unsure on a few things and could use a little help.

So for tuning we are runing Greddy E-Manage Ultimate piggy back system with the Greddy/Trust pre-made wiring harness to hook it up. the entire list of mods done to this car shouldnt matter so i am just going to list what i thiink is relavant. I have the Greddy intake mani, Top mount turbo header with larger turbo, FMIC, and a BOV insted of a BPV. here is the problem. we are worried about the car being able to be tuned properly and run smoothly with the BOV. When we shift or RPMs drop the BOV will release air out of the system... air that is already accounted for, and expected to enter the rest of the system... engine. once that air is blown off the engine is most likely going to run extremely rich, and could possibly choke its self out, couse bad idle, or bad running conditions. Right??????

here is possible fix... convert to speed density... would be fine and dandy but after reading throught the Emanage manual they only have 3 different intake air sensor styles... non of them are S. D.

the three styles are. MAF, Carmin, and i forgot the last one haha

Here is our other possible fix... place the MAF in the intake pipe directly before the throttle body... after the BOV... so its only accounting air that is actually going to flow through.

Any in put?

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