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What is that sound and why does it jerk?

07-26-2010, 08:39 PM
A couple years ago we had a horrific snowfall. I was driving my "sweet thang" around and it wasn't doing too bad plowing away a path. It got stuck finally and with a shovel and another car I got it out and took it home where it stayed until spring. I guess the snow froze the crankshaft sensor because it eventually got replaced but in the interim the car sat alot (she would only run for a few minutes before dying.)
Using the low riding neon as a snow plow is not good for the suspension. I had to replace the wheel bearing on one side. And the tierod end on the other. And the sway bar bushings had turned to clay.
Now the problem. It sounds like something is loose and bumping against the bottom of the car whenever I go over the slightest bump. And when I go over a manhole cover or other "down" bump on the right side it jerks sideways. If I go over with both sides or the left side it drives nicely over. The algnment is perfect and I have taken the front end apart twice now only to find nothing loose or bent.
HELP! I can only guess it is the actual strut but I get no movement there whether the car is up on a jack, two jacks or on the ground. I cannot reproduce the sound by lifting or jerking the body around. Any one have any ideas?

08-06-2010, 07:10 AM
My 97 Neon has a noticeable 'clunking' sound on bumps, and its the rear strut. The center shaft has come loose from the top of the strut and is banging against the metal sides of the strut - or the opening in the strut tower. But with the trunk lid open and the trunk lining pulled back, I can easily see the movement when I bounce the car a little.

Its also possible for the center shaft of a strut to be broken loose -inside- the lower part of a strut. I had that happen on a Chevy Citation I had. If finally wore a hole in the side of the lower strut, below the springs.

08-07-2010, 05:12 AM
I went to the U=pullit and got myself a strut for the passenger front and yep that was it. Then discovered the back brakes needed more attention than at firs thought when there was a spring missing and fluid all over...... My baby is purring like the Sweet Thang she is now!!

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