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2nd metro time

07-15-2010, 04:20 AM
Hi forumers,

I have been driving a 95, 3 cyl hatch for almost 10 years now, and regardless of becoming quite capable of fixing all it's little booboos, I have now thrown my arms up in resignation. The list of 'little' things like non-functioning dash lights, unidentifiable sounds, and things I don't want to publicly admit have become too much tackle. Since the frame (I mean uni-body of course) is bent and regular tire allignments have plagued me for years, it now feels ok to let it go. I will salvage it for still useful parts for the 96.

I have a 96 3 cyl hatch that has been collecting tree sap in the backyard for a couple years now. It had major oil blow by on cyl 1 when I gave up driving it. (I was filling the oil and checking the gas). I'm ready to do an engine rebuild. If that goes well, I may opt for a trans rebuild next.

I'd love to hear people's suggestions on what to pay attention to on the new project; such as key differences with the 95 and 96.

Should I go for the rebuild kit that comes with the new oil pump? I will change the water pump cause its easy.

Should I bore or ream the cylinders? or leave it alone and get the standard cylinders?

Will my exhaust swap over from the 95? Can I get it on and off without removing the RR control arm?

The 96 feels very "slushy" compared to the 95. Is that because the struts on the 95 are old and "stiff?"

Thanks for any help in advance,


08-15-2010, 03:50 PM
Bumping myself a bit here.

Other than the engine that needs to be rebuilt, I have crappy struts which can wait a while, and I have a transmission that has weak resistance on the throw out bearing, so the clutch pedal hits the floor with too little effort.

I have an extra trans between my two cars that I could rebuild and throw it in the 96 after I rebuild the engine. Any issue with compatibility? This trans is from my old 95. 2nd gear was worn out.

I have looked at length at the trans rebuild threads here and have to say a big thank you to all the work put into doing those, they will be most helpful.


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