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Pictures from the 2010 3S National Gathering

07-03-2010, 03:14 PM

07-05-2010, 11:58 PM
I'm looking at the pics trying to figure out who I reckognize. I saw Greg (Monochrome), Terry (Maximal), Fred (Venomandsomenumbers fter :p), what I think to be Christy (CTY), I think its Terry's car, the front mount throws me off now :p, okay now I see Chisty in a later picture, then Bobby sleeping, pretty sure thats Pete's car and maybe Bob's Spyder, of course Supercar's Stealth, Han's and Emilie, Emilie's Stealth and Han's 3000GT, later on Han's most awesome trailer, standing around the ber pong table I see the back of who I think is Dan (dzaccagnini), haha, yeah its Dan, and WTF is Bobby wearing?, I thought it looked bad in an earlier pic Hans needs a haircut :p, looks like DuTTch's car, I assume the blue 1g Stealth is yours Alan.

Ok I am 160 pics in and need to go to bed.

I think from looking at the list I just made that I spend too much time on 3si. :p

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