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Taking Off the Inside Door Latch Cover ???

06-30-2010, 11:48 PM
I need to get the inner door panel off of both doors of my Geo Metro (The Phoenix).

I could not get the window crank wire clip to come out so I broke the door handle by pulling it off.
Damn ! Even bought a tool - could not see the clip !

Now I cannot get the inner door latch lever and lock cover to come off.

How is that cover removed ? This is on a '93 Geo Metro two door hatchback.

I don't want to force it and break it, but I am getting no where.


Metro Mighty Mouse
07-01-2010, 03:40 AM
Should be under the handle when you pull it out. Either that or there is a cover that pops out under the handle.

07-01-2010, 11:55 AM
Thanks Mighty Mouse - That got me started. I had forgotten how the damned
thing works.

You pull out the handle and insert a small screwdriver between the inner cover
and the outer cover and pry up on the left.
That pops out the round outer cover on the left side.
Then put the screwdriver under the right side tabs and press up.

Here is what the Window Rail looks like.
The window is guided up and down inside this rail.
Mine had bent to the front (left) and the rubber guide had come out.

The rail had gone to the left so I pushed the rail to the right with a piece of
PVC water pipe. Kept doing that until the window tracked properly.
Takes some time and patience (which I lack) and retrying along the whole
track length. Spray Silicone into the rubber liner in the track.

Here is how I levered the rail to the right - over and over again until I was
satisfied as to how the window tracked.

This is what the little tiny support lever looks like. WEAK as hell.
I want to put a piece of wood 2x4 between that support and the front of the
You can't put screws in there or weld (would burn the paint).
I wonder if Gorrilla Glue (Polyurithane Glue) would hold up ?
Hot melt glue would get soft in the summer heat.

Have to figure out a way to re-inforce that bottom support from slowly moving
to the left.
Maybe also the rail above the "door stopper lever" that comes in as you close
the door - held with a pin.

A puzzlement....


07-03-2010, 03:53 AM
there is supposed to be a screw holding the bottom of that rail from moving, often the metal around the screw breaks and allows the rail to bend, usually a large washer will fix the problem

07-03-2010, 08:24 PM
Crvett69 - thanks. I'll put a washer there.

Both of my plastic window cranks broke off when I tried getting the clip out
of the slot in the crank rod.

I am so tired of farting around with those chincie crank handles that I think
I'll try drilling a hole in the center and tap some threads and just put the old
crank handles on with screws.

It may not look as good, but they'll come off w/o any future problems...


Metro Mighty Mouse
07-03-2010, 09:27 PM
If you have the tool with the sort of E or W shape at one end and the other has a 90 degree bend the correct way to use it is to slip it behind the handle so the knob is closest to the 90 degree bend. The "E" end should be between the spacer and the handle not against the door panel. At this point, it the clip was put on the correct way, a bump graduating to a sharp smack should pop the clip out. If the spacer was left out it is extremely difficult to get the tool to line up. The better option at that point is to use a rag wrapped around the handle, you pull it into the space between the handle and spacer or door panel and it should pull the clip out. the clip is U shaped with the ends of the legs kicked out and it's the end of the legs you are trying to push on to pop it out.

07-03-2010, 09:39 PM
i use a piece of bailing wire with a hook in the end, stupid tool they sell tears the door panels sometimes

08-07-2010, 09:06 PM
Got it fixed. Thanks to all for the above comments and to Dr. Bill for the pics. I had a broken spot weld on the lower window guide. Took it apart based upon the info here and re welded it. Works great!

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