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91 Twin Turbo z32 wont turn over

06-07-2010, 02:13 AM
buddy has a 91 fairlady that 3 injectors went bad, he bought used ones that turn out to be the new style replacement kinds and so we had to cut the existing connections and attach the newer ones. well we got all the injectors in will mininal problems. ( in my opinion, the newer style looked totally different than what we replaced, the end where the fuel is sprayied is different) anyways we replaced them and placed the pain in the ass intake back together. i quadriple checked to make sure we had everything together and not going to missing anything. well after 6 hours on this thing it was time to crank the beast up and doing so, she cranked over for approximately 5 or 6 times and it acted like it was going to run but never did and so it died. we tried to crank it up again and this time the car acts as though the motor has seized up and wont even turn over, the solenoid and starter engages but wont turn motor over. checked the battery even had jump box, thought maybe low bat just to be safe but it still did it. so what gives? i need help on what the solution is. think maybe he crossed the individual coil wires; motor hydrolocked from too much fuel; off time.. i just dont know this weekend i am going to try and get with him and take the plugs out and check to see if it really is locked up. but i doubt that is the case since we drove it into the shop and 6 hours later its locked up.. but what do i know.. any advice would greatly be appreciated. if can please email me @ racer029@hotmail.com

07-23-2010, 12:30 PM
You have pinched one of the O rings on the injectors..
First time you tried to crank it over ,, it was flooding
Second time the cylinders were filled and causing a hydrolock

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