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Car wont stay running

05-26-2010, 05:50 PM
First, my car.. 1991 Dodge Stealth R/t

Okay, first off I lost my liscence and my car has sat for almost 2 1/2 years while I had to wait to get my liscnece. Over this time, I had it under my car port, I changed the oil each year and would start it and let it run for a while about every two weeks. So it's time to get my car back on the road since I have my liscence and I took it to my mechanic which was about an hour away, which my car seemed to hesitate. You would step on the gas and about a half second delay for power.. also for the car ride there my car would die when I would have it in neutral to come to a stop. It only did it two times the whole way there. Now it's at my mechanics shop and he said he checked my air filter (pretty sure thats where the MAF is connected..) and also...

while my car was sitting it started acting weird, I would start it and it would rev high and sit at about 1.5 rpm even when it would warm up.. so I ended up taking a throttle body off of a 91 3000gt, which solved that problem.. i just didnt have it adjusted but it still worked fine.

so.. were back at the mechanic. He said my alternator was fine as well, and he gets my car inspected and now she's ready to ride. only known problem, is that it dies when its not in gear every so often. So these past 3 days I have been driving her.. about 8 dies the first day.. 5-6 the second and 3 yesterday.. so im thinking just running her is slowly sorting itself out.. WRONG!

Today, I start my car.. fine.. but once she warms up every stop sign i hit, every red light I hit I will have it in neutral and as my rpms decline from 3-4 grand down to what its supposed to idle at.. it hits the 0 line.. bounces up to 1, does this about twice and dies. Even going down a hill today, died on me three times with the clutch out and just going down in neutral. Also.. my hesitation seemed to go away and my car runs perfect when its being driven.

I've been a member here for a while, im just not much of a mechanic. I want to check my fuel filter.. (my mechanic didnt check it) but I couldnt find it. Im also thinking that it could be my fuel pump or fuel regulator? (someone point me out where the fuel filter is?) .. Also I was reading another new thread about this other guy's car is dieing and this was posted :

as autostrada suggested, disconnect the MAF sensor and start the engine to see if it stays running.
if it does, you either have a vacuum leak somewhere or the MAF sensor is toast.

If I turn my car on and let it sit.. it will eventually die within 2-3 minutes. I also disconnected the MAF (by my air filter?) and it also stays running. Not sure if anyone knows what else to check or what the problem could be.. the only difference in the past 3 days has been my gas and im going to go fill it up now to see if it changes anything at all.

Im just not a mechanic and I dont know what to do.. I want to attempt this on my own..

I'll check back when I fill up.

05-27-2010, 11:31 AM
If I turn my car on and let it sit.. it will eventually die within 2-3 minutes. I also disconnected the MAF (by my air filter?) and it also stays running.

Since you said that it stays running with the MAF disconnected, have you check for vacuum leaks? It sound like you have a faulty MAF.

05-29-2010, 02:49 PM
Okay, I did come on here and post something but I guess I forgot to submit it...

Anyway, I have my car running pretty good. I figured out where the fuel filter was and I replaced that, there was a bunch of corrosion on top, but it didn't look clogged.

Also, I had mentioned to a few buddies of mine about my problems and they said something about the throttle positioning censor... (when I took the throttle body off of the old 3000gt, I used the same TPC that was on the 3000gt) and the resistance in it is rather weak. But with this piece on and now correctly adjusted.. my car is sitting at 700rom and feels like she is running great.. but not perfect. We tested this thing (forget what its called) kinda right under the throttle body which has a plug.. pretty sure its a fuel regulator plug? but the piece is rather white looking.. but this had bad resistance.. tested out to like 34.5 when it needs to be 30-33.

My car died on me twice.. and im at a 1/4 tank of gas since my last fill up so.. we will see if i start to have problems..
Also my buddy said that with this piece testing bad its possible of when my car is in idle.. it will randomly drop down from 700rpm and seem like it wants to die.. he said that this piece should fix it.. but im going to a junk yard first before i buy a new one.. he said it would be about 200$.

thanks guys and let me know what you think...

05-29-2010, 03:06 PM
The thing you tested was the IAC.

05-29-2010, 04:13 PM
We also tested coils and he said that the next two things that I should replace is the IAC and to also look for another coil pack.. I just read your sale forum and you dont have an IAC but what about a coil pack 1991 dodge stealth rt?

just wondering if these two things could cause my car's idle to act weird and a randomly stall of my car..?

Although I did manage to somehow kill my fuel / oil pressure gauge.. the gauge between voltage and if its hot/cold. Not sure how I did it.. all I did was replace the fuel filter and I disconnected the fuel pressure regulator (i think..) from the trunk.. it was dusty in there.

Just little things start to drive you crazy!! ive done nothing but spent time into this car these past few days.. but im just happy she seems to be running good.

How can I troubleshoot how to fix my oil pressure (fuel pressure?) gauge? All I did was change the fuel filter.. and then it stopped reading. The needle doesnt even move if I start it or kill it. I double checked everything I took out and made sure I put everything back correctly and I did. Would this be recognized through my trunk? Im not sure.. help is much needed.. thanks.

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