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AC verses Idle control !!!!

05-16-2010, 11:05 AM
My saga starts out couple weeks ago,,,, fired up my old VR-4 she went spot on to 1400 ok for inital start-up but not a cruising idle by no means !!
Let her run 5 mins or so noticed the revs were still pumping around the same 1400...well that aint right..suppose to drop down to its normal 7.5 to 900 rpm..... Had a brain storm of hitting the AC button let the compreeor come on just to see what happens...we all know the compreesor sends a signal thruw ECU to pump up the volumn another 3-400 rpms to compensate for the load....well there was a reaction but not in the good column,,,,revs went down to normal idle settings ????
I then cut the AC off and the revs flew back up-to 1400 again and stayed there...drove the car around the country hopeing to see a change,,,after 45 mins it started creeping down close to what it should be ???
Pulled the Idle Control Servo off ,,,, clean the carbon off the head...The copper inside to connections were good ???? Started checking everywhere for air leaks,,,,sprayed carb cleaner around all hoses to see if it would draw the engine down and visually inspect ...Nothing !!!! Bought a new Idle screw and gasket...Nothing !!!!! Yeah I also need to metion the Idle screw will allow you to go rev higher but if you want to screw it down 1400 is as far as it goes ... until which time she decides to idle down on its on.....Bought a new Idle Contrl Servo... Nothing !!!!!

05-16-2010, 05:28 PM
Check the tension on your throttle cable

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