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ignition module/coils for sale

05-12-2010, 03:17 AM
Had bought ignition coils and modules for my 93 SC2 and did compression testing first to find out #3 cylinder had a hole in it. Bought the parts from Autozone Coil #C1235 $33.99+tax each, and Module #SA101 $149.99+tax. What happened was I bought the coils on one check and then 4 days later bought the module and a compression test kit. Pulled the coils off the car and onto the module on the bench, ran compression test and found vehicle wasn't worth my time. Pulled the coils and module and the local Autozone refused to take them back because "he wasn't paying for my lack of ability to diagnose". But thats another story. Anyhow I wnat $110 w/shipping in continental US for all 3 pieces.

Feel free to contact me at TheBigfut@gmail.com .... I prefer Paypal, but if you have other ideas let me know.

I'm sure these fit other GM vehicles from about 86-03.

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