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93 Scoupe Flooding, codes 3145, 3232

Metro Mighty Mouse
05-11-2010, 05:47 AM
Hi, I have an issue with my 93 Scoupe with the Hyundai alpha one engine, most of the time it starts fine and runs good for a couple of minutes, then the check engine light comes on and it starts running very rough. It appears to be flooding when this happens and the fuel mileage would appear to support that. When it sets a code it either sets 3145 - engine coolant temperature sensor. (The sensor has been pulled and tested per the factory manual and appears to be operating in spec. Since I replaced the water pump the gauge registers very low in the temperature range. I am not sure it was different before I replaced the pump as I had not had it very long and this was one of the first repairs.) Or it sets 3232 - Crank position sensor. (sensor was pulled, cleaned, and tested by passing a piece of metal close to the end and verifying a reaction on a voltmeter and appears to work correctly.)

If you drive somewhere and then leave the car for say 10 minutes, when you try to start the car again it starts to catch and then just cranks. If you pull the fuel pump fuse you can generally get the car to start and then it will idle on the residual pressure for an astonishingly long time. After it stalls, you put the fuse back in and it starts and runs as normal.

After testing the sensors it seemed a probable source of the problem was the ECU. After replacing it the codes went away for longer than just clearing them accomplished but the same symptoms returned. A solution suggested by a former Hyundai owner was the idle control. Unplugging the idle control would improve the symptoms but not cure them. It did however eliminate the original codes and set the expected 3114 - idle air control (opening failure) and 3122 - idle air control (closing failure).

I am hoping to diagnose the problem without taking it to a shop as we don't have a lot of money to spend on this vehicle.


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