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99 Sonata- Camshaft broke TWICE?

05-07-2010, 01:32 PM
I bought a 99' Sonata 2.4 V4 engine with 140,000 miles for college last year in September. Ran great when I first got it, a couple weeks later I was driving down the road and my car just shut off, put it aside, tried to turn it on, nothing. Went with my Dad and Uncle to tow it home, turn the key again just for kicks and it turned on, drove it home no problems. Did a little testing and it would drive and then shut off for no reason.

Me and my Dad tried to troubleshoot it for a couple days with no avail, had my Dad's friend whose a mechanic and he called a friend who worked at Hyundai and he said it was either the computer or the camshaft sensor was busted, so we bought the camshaft sensor, the guy put it in, the car ran! Great!

Now fast forward 9 months (This was last september, here we are in May) and I was pulling out of my house and driving down the street, at the end of the street the car gets a little shaky, it dies, the steering wheel gets hard to turn, I pull over. Try to crank it, sometimes the engine would turn over and it would turn on and get shaky and rough but then turn off 5 seconds later, sometimes it would not crank over.

Me and my Dad put some fuel in it and noticed the oil was very very low, it didn't even show on the dipstick (I hadn't replaced it since September when I first got the car...put 10000 miles on it since then, BIG MISTAKE!!!), at first I was worried I seized my engine, but I heard if that happened you would get the "RR RRR RRRR" when you turn the key, so I'm safe there. I put some oil in but it still just cranks (I think thats the word, the noise the car makes before the engine turns on and is running and firing) but doesn't turn over. It won't even turn on anymore before shaking and turning off after 5 seconds.

Anyway the guy who we had look at it last September came today, and after taking a look and noticing the spark plugs and fuel injectors weren't getting power, he thought the camshaft broke again. The last time my car broken down in September, the spark plugs and fuel injectors were not getting power either. I was surprised by this because I would not expect a brand new camshaft sensor to break after 10 months of use. Is this normal? I'd expect the part the last longer before breaking that fast, what are the odds? Does this sound possible? The part in under warranty so I can get a new one free, but the guy is going to charge 100 to do labor, though he says if it doesn't work it'll be free ( feel bad though, might pay the guy some).

So what do you guys think, is it possible for that new part to break this soon and be responsible for the car not turning on anymore? Thanks for any info and insight, it is MUCH appreciated!


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