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Small Issue

04-23-2010, 01:59 AM
I have a 94 hyundai scoupe I bought for 700.00. It uses oil, which a lot of older cars do. It doesn't like climbing larger hills, which the only way I can describe is when it is climbing a large hill is that the engine strains at times and motor goes back to normal. You can't see it happening on the RPM gauge, you can just feel it slightly. So that is kind of a background about it.

I took my daughter to her appt at the health department and I was smoking and while I was smoking, I was looking at the motor. I noticed the distributor cap is kind of easy to move, which may be normal since all that is holding the cap is the metal "straps". I took the cap off and looked inside and I noticed a thin metal sheet inside of the distributor unit loose, which I am sure is not normal, also I have noticed when I touched the piece of metal sheet that is loose, there is oil in the area.

In my thinking, it could be possible for the reason of the intermediate small stalls that is caused by the distributor unit. What I am wondering is, could it be the distributor that is causing the small stalling and what is the unit called so I can shop for it online, mostly what I see online is the distributor cap and rotor, but I am interested in the whole thing. While I am thinking about it, the little stalls/straining doesn't only happen during climbing hills(happens more on hills) but it is manual so when it is about time to change to the next higher gear it gives a little bit of a stall.

Also I have noticed whenever it gets warmer it does it more often and doesn't have as much pep as it does when it is cold. As well when it gets warmer it seems to have power/horsepower loss.


P/S I have added a photo, mine looks a little different, I have circled in black where the thin metal sheet should be.

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