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04-29-2003, 04:02 PM
I got a 03' G35 coupe, six speed, nav. everything you can get. I need some help If their is anybody that has had transmission issues please let me know. I was driving the car a little fast around 140kms still trying to break the car in it only has 2000kms on it, after slowing down the car started to wine through first, second, third and forth kinda like I have a supercharger on it and when releasing the clutch and not in gear it chatters so loud that everyone keeps looking at me. Just want to know if anyone has had the experince.
I was at the dealer and they are going to order new bearing for the transmission, still not happy and then I noticed the G35 has now got a updated center console and better cup holders and storage so I tried to get them to trade me for a new one but they won't. So if your planning on buying one look for the one with the updated center console.

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