First time I've come acrossed this one.

01-10-2011, 03:29 PM
I posted this in the bmw forums but haven't gotten any replies yet so I thought I'd try here. Thanks.

Hey folks, I have an 86' 325e that I bought non-running. The guy I bought it from said the fuel pumps were bad however I found after replacing one of the position sensors the pumps kicked on and worked fine. The car still wouldn't start though I didn't seem to be getting a spark so I replaced the second position sensor thats when it got really weird lol. First: the engine health gauge that was completely lit up red before now its just the green and the red to the left that lights up. Second: it still doesn't sputter or anything so I don't know that I'm getting any spark yet. Third: and most bizzare in my book is after cranking it over a few seconds I turned it off and pulled out the key BUT the dash stayed lit up and the ignition continued to crank for about 10 seconds more before it shut off. Anybody have any suggestions?

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