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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild - PART 2 - Assembly

I decided that there was not much more I could do by worrying about it, so I put the Yoke back in
the way I originally show (previous photo) and torqued it to 20 ft lbs.

I scraped all the old Sealer off the Black Left Case Cover (took quite a while)
and the Transmission Case mating surface,
wire brushed off the bolt threads, applied Grey Sealer and put it back on the Transmission.

The Gear Shift Guide Case mating surface was cleaned (transmission's mating surface cleaned also)
and the Grey Sealer applied sparingly.

I bolted the Gear Shift Guide Case on and then the Left Case Cap over the O - Ring covering the Yoke.

BTW - I used Blue Threadlock on all the Bolts. It turns red when it hardens...

Then, I installed the Reverse Gear Switch - see photo below.

Here it is all done (with rubber stoppers placed in the Differential Oil Seals to keep crap out.
You could use wadded up paper towels for this - I'm a Chemist....Rubber Stoppers are nice.

Here I am, two days later, testing the Transmission with my trusty old B&D 600 rpm half inch drill.

I will have to put the axles in this thing to see what is going on since the only way to see anything is by looking
in the Differential Seal holes - not very amenable to testing....especially "neutral".

The gears change much easier when the Transmission is in this position - the Input and CounterShafts are not vertical
with all that weight on the gears pushing down. Everything turns - no jamming up.

Well - "..That's all folks...!"

When Spring rolls around and I am not teaching, I will change out my old transmission for this "rebuild "
and see if it works...

I'll be back....


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