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Transmission Pan

In an attempt to keep track of my thoughts, I'm going to try and document my trials as an aspiring mechanic. To practice my mechanical skills, I am going to be performing, or shall I say, attempt to perform my own repairs on my own vehicle. I should say that I am currently employed as an automotive technician and I have been working as such for nearly two years. So I do have a minimal understanding of what needs to be done and how to do it. That doesn't exactly decrease the amount of anxiety associated with relying solely on yourself to "not f*** it up".

That being said, here's the situation.

2012 Jeep Liberty Limited 4x4 3.7L V6

List of current "Primary Concerns"

-Oil Leak or burning?

-Transmission leaking (appears to be from transmission pan)

List of current "Secondary Concerns"

-Brake Pads low, Rotors need replacing

-Cv axels beginning to fail

-Shocks/Struts old

I can't afford to tackle all of this at once so I'm going to prioritize the Primary Concerns first. I intend to try using AT 205 Reseal for the oil leak, which I have heard can revitalize gaskets that may be failing. I will monitor the oil level daily until I have the opportunity to perform a dye test. That should be okay for now because I'd like to immediately turn my attention to the transmission leak. From my initial inspection, the transmission appears to be leaking from the pan seal itself. So, task one is Replacing That Gasket! To do so, I went out and purchased a "Haynes Repair Manual" at my local Autozone. After reading through the repair procedures, I compiled a list of tools and equipment necessary to complete my task.

AT 205 Reseal

MOPAR ATF +4 type 9602 (4 Qts.)

MOPAR Lock & Seal adhesive or equivalent

Torque wrench

Gasket Scraper

Solvent (for cleaning)

Replacement transmission filter


Oil Leak Detection UV Dye & Black Light

Now, the only thing left to do is retrieve the items listed above and perform the repair. Though, I do have some reservations about cracking open my transmission pan for the first time, alone, with zero supervision... I don't really have a choice. I'm mostly worried that I'll find metal shavings in the pan and that'll mean it needs to be looked over by a professional. Alternatively, I just drive it until it implodes. But I think minimizing potential damage may be a... more mature course of action.

There's also a fear of failure. To be honest, though, I feel very strongly that I have what it takes to become a decent mechanic one day and that's all I really want. Repairing my own car is a step that I am willing to take if it means I get an opportunity to learn. Even if that opportunity comes with the risk of failure. Failure is how you learn and improve.

But that's where I'm at for now. I'm going to make an effort to find all my necessary equipment and perform the transmission pan repair tomorrow. I'll keep you posted if I'm successful or if it's a complete catastrophe.

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