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Model Review: AMT/ERTL - 1967 Mustang Fastback (The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift)

AMT ERTL 1967 Ford Mustang 1:25 scale 38509 (The Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift movie box)

A few notes about this kit and the packaging. The box is stuffed full of parts, so if you are going to buy this kit. Make sure that the box has not been crushed or you will most likely have damaged peices within. The body has a peice of cardboard inside the window frames to keep it from crushing.
The model is a 2 in 1 kit, where you can build it stock, or modified. The modified version of this model is supposed to be the 67 mustang fastback out of Tokyo Drift, but the parts that this model includes have quite a few major differences from the actual movie car. Some of those noticable differences include tires and rims that are not as wide as the movie car, the motor does not have a turbo setup on it, no cutaway in the front bumper, no intercooler, no extra emergency brake lever for the driveshaft tunnel, no exhaust system to match what the movie car had, and no 'Shelby' scoops for the side vent areas (ones on rear quarter panel and behind the door glass).

The main body, does not have bad flashing on it, but does have quite a few lines that will have to be worked out. it does have a trunk that can be hinged and the unibody shock towers molded into the engine bay. the radiator support and radiator are one peice, and seperate from the main body.

The windshield peices are seperate for the front and rear and decent, same with the lenses.
the rubber that is included with this kit, the stock tires are good, the aftermarket ones for the TD version are to low of a profile and not wide enough (have the correct tread pattern though). The tail light lens are one peice units that fit from inside the rear panel.

The Chassis is molded with decent detail for the interior and the underside of the car. the only exhaust system that is included in this model is for a stock V-8 setup, the movie car has a much different exhaust system on it.

The front and rear body panels are shaped about right, the grill is molded close though, and there is no cutout like on the movie car under the bumper on the front that you could see the intercooler through.
The firewall and suspension parts are typical in detail, could use some improvement, but still seperate parts instead of one molded unit like many models have.

a note, this mustang kit has the console seperate from the seats, a common complaint about another kit similiar to this.

The tree with the stock motor on it, also includes more stock suspension peices. and the louvers for the vents on the body. (the movie car had scoops in those locations, which are not included in this kit) The motor has nice details to it, and could build up to a nice display motor, or even a shortblock. It includes 'exposed' pistons on the motor casting for if you choose to leave the heads off of the motor.

This tree includes the 'nissan skyline' motor that was part of what made the movie car so unique. it has fair details, but lacking one important thing from the movie, no turbo (and no intercooler in the kit)
The seats that are on this tree are an option, that was not part of the movie car also (the movie car had stock seats)

The hood on this tree has two vents on it, the movie car did not have any (another tree includes a smooth version hood)

brakes, are minimal for detail, and with the large wheels the movie car had, will stick out badly if not detailed right.

The wheels that are included on this tree, are close to the movie ones (the movie had grey spokes and were much wider and even wider for the rear ones). There is also a strut tower bar, the movie had one, but it was not chrome.

The stock chrome tree, with decent stock wheels and bumpers and other various parts, all fair for detail.
not included here is the exhaust that the movie car had.

The door panel peices, fairly well detailed, could use a little more work on the depth of the detail but better then i have seen in quite a few kits.

On this tree is the stock hood, (the one the movie car also had) and stock seats (the one the movie car had).
The dash and steering wheel are decent for a stock build, the movie car had a wheel that was slightly different. Also the movie car had a rollcage in the back area, this kit lacks those parts.

The decal sheet looks to be ok for the stripes that were on the movie car. it does not include the liscense plate from the movie car.

(the pics below are for refrence of what the movie car looks like)

(the above is a repost from my site, link is below)

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